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Alexander Sheversky —

Alexander Sheversky


— born in 1961 in Chisinau, Moldova
— studies at I.E. Repin Academy of Art
— lives and paints in Moscow, Prague through late 1980s until mid 1990s
— moves to Toronto in 1997 and to Vancouver in 2004

Alexander Sheversky 22Alexander Sheversky 30Alexander Sheversky 46Alexander Sheversky 39Alexander Sheversky 38Alexander Sheversky 54Alexander Sheversky 35Alexander Sheversky 36Alexander Sheversky 37Alexander Sheversky 47Alexander Sheversky 40Alexander Sheversky 41Alexander Sheversky 42Alexander Sheversky 43Alexander Sheversky 44Alexander Sheversky 45Alexander Sheversky 55Alexander Sheversky 49Alexander Sheversky 50Alexander Sheversky 51Alexander Sheversky 52Alexander Sheversky 53Alexander Sheversky 56Alexander Sheversky 57Alexander Sheversky 23Alexander Sheversky 16Alexander Sheversky 17Alexander Sheversky 18Alexander Sheversky 19Alexander Sheversky 20Alexander Sheversky 21Alexander Sheversky 31Alexander Sheversky 24Alexander Sheversky 25Alexander Sheversky 26Alexander Sheversky 27Alexander Sheversky 28Alexander Sheversky 29Alexander Sheversky 32Alexander Sheversky 33Alexander Sheversky 34Alexander Sheversky 06Alexander Sheversky 07Alexander Sheversky 03Alexander Sheversky 01Alexander Sheversky 14Alexander Sheversky 02Alexander Sheversky 04Alexander Sheversky 05Alexander Sheversky 15Alexander Sheversky 08Alexander Sheversky 09Alexander Sheversky 10Alexander Sheversky 11Alexander Sheversky 12Alexander Sheversky 13