Guy Cambier01

Guy Cambier [1923-2008] was born in Uccle-lez-Bruxelles in 1923. He was a painter of Genre painting, scenes, figures, portraits and still life paintings.
At the age of nine years old, he lost the use of his legs caused by a tragic accident. He was self taught and studied the techniques and works of those artists he emulated, Corot and Watteau. Cambier started to exhibit in 1942, first in Belgium and afterwards in France at the Cote d’Azur as well as in the United States and in Paris at the Salon des Peintres Temoins de leur Temps. In 1957, he received the Parisian award, “Le Prix de la Jeune Peintre”. He moved to the South of France in 1950 and resided in Grasse, where he spent most of the rest of his life. Cambier became a favorite portrait artist of several celebrities and painted such dignitaries as Princess Grace of Monaco, Winston Churchill, Ingrid Bergman and Edward G Robinson. His paintings were acquired by the French government. The exact date of his death is unknown.

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