Jake Baddeley

Jake was born in Nottingham, England, in 1964, and has been drawing since his early childhood. After finishing his education as an illustrator at the University of London in 1988 he decides to travel around Europe, which leads him to the Netherlands for the first time. During these travels he meets his wife Vanessa and in 1990 he decides to live in The Hague and to work as an illustrator. Inspired by the Dutch Masters he starts working with oil paint in 1992.

In 1996 he has his first solo exhibition. This exhibitons is, much to his own surprise, such a succes that it offers him the opportunity to paint on a full time base. Ever since he has had succesful solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally and his work has found it’s way into many private and corporate collections.

Jake draws his inspirations from many sources: the Ancient Greeks, the Italian Renaissance Masters, the Dutch Masters, iconography, mythology, psychology and philosophy. But most of all he relies on his own subconscious and intuition which has proven manytimes to have a logic and curious indepence of its own.